Karate / Self Defense Instruction (1-on-1)

Welcome.  Whether it be one specific area of focus you’re interested in, such as self defense, or the entire martial arts curriculum, traditionally taught, we have many paths you can choose…  

All classes are 1-on-1 to ensure your training is thorough and complete.

Popular individual areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

  • Basic Self Defense - practical, realistic scenarios with quick, easy to remember escape and/or subdue applications
  • Joint Manipulations - manipulate your enemy’s joints into submission; and, utilize pressure points
  • Knife Defense - learn to defend against an opponent wielding a knife

Formal training will include the above, as well as these basic foundations:

  • Karate Basics - stances, blocks, kicks and strikes – and, transitioning through these
  • Shotokan Kata - traditional Okinawan and Japanese forms – 27 exist in our style
  • Point Sparring – learn how to use your karate basics to attack & defend in a free moving match against an aggressor.
  • Hit Mitt / Kicking Drills – work on your distancing & accuracy by striking fixed and moving targets.

Training is provided at a location convenient to you.

Please email me to discuss rates.  Rates are customized to your program.

Waiver / Release of Liability form must be signed prior to instruction.  

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