Kata & Movement Workshop

Today we benefited from a sweaty 5 hour workshop with Grand Master Mike Shintaku, 8th dan Tang Soo Do stylist visiting from Washington state – hosted by Kyoshi Mike Puckett at his dojo (PNHK) in Sidney and organized by Sensei Nancy Puckett of Serenity Martial Arts.

We covered the principles of movement as it relates to transitioning through stances; and had an afternoon of kata development and how to apply what we learned in the movement portion of the workshop into our kata.

We covered two Shotokan kata: Jion and Bassai Sho as well as Shito-ryu kata Tomari Bassai.  Master Shintaku also has his shodan in the Shito style of karate.



Fall Karate Classes

I hope everyone had a fantastic summer – and enjoy those last three weeks of it if you can!

Group karate training will recommence after the summer break this coming Monday, September 12th at Royal Oak Middle School – hosted by Sensei Nancy Puckett, Chief Instructor of Serenity Martial Arts Club.  Classes are Monday and Thursday at SMAC.

Message me for times and directions, if you are new or interested in training!


Happy, healthy Canada & Independence Day!

Enjoy this week and the upcoming weekend, folks!

Stay happy and stay healthy (And dry.. if you’re going camping in the “wet coast” like me!).  Take some time and do a bit of hiking, cycling, walking or grab a frisbee and chuck ‘er around.

Lastly, flash up that barbeque, throw on a fresh piece of fish and some vegetables and enjoy a beer.  I know I will be.


How do you promote health and fitness?

Do you have a health promoting company, organization or a message??

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Nidan (2nd dan)

I am humbled and honoured to receive promotion to Nidan (2nd degree black belt) this afternoon from my instructors Kyoshi Mike Puckett (8th dan) and Sensei Nancy Puckett (5th dan).

I can’t think of a community I’ve felt more a part of, now having spent more than half my life training with these people – my karate family.  Thanks to the Puckett family for showing me the way – my life is better because of you all.


May/June Updates!

The weather is finally starting to show some consistency in it’s warmth and sunnier days!

Take this time to get outside, find a trail, grab your bicycle, get in your garden or just go for a walk.  A little bit of activity each day will do wonders for your overall health and well-being; plus, look at where we live.. don’t let it go to waste!

The Salt Spring Island Tourney was a success this past weekend, coupled with the Saturday Summer Market for spectators to check out while they were there.  There was lots to do and everyone was very busy; but because everything was so well organized, all four rings were active and running smoothly from the get-go.  Thanks to all the black belts who came out to provide judging, score/time keeping and registration assistance.

Don’t forget about the Coast Martial Arts Open in Port Alberni on June 14th – check out http://www.cmaopen.ca/ for more details!


Spring Tourney’s

Although I was unable to attend this year, the 2014 Victoria Cup went off without a hitch, on all accounts. This tournament has been successfully organized and directed by Renshi Greg Turnbull, 3rd dan [Yoshukai] (Yoshukai Canada Honbu Dojo), and Hanshi Masanobu Kikukawa, 9th dan (Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Karate Shinkokai), with influence and presence at an international level (all the way from Japan) for 4 years.  Please refer to www.yoshukai.ca to keep up with all the goings-on and future events put on by Masters’ Turnbull and Kikukawa.

Congratulations Masters, on this successful endeavour – once again.  Osu!

In May, the Salt Spring Island Invitational will open it’s arms to martial artists around Vancouver Island and the gulf islands to come and represent their schools and their styles. I have attended this event for a couple years myself and have always been impressed by the careful organization and planning on part of the Salt Spring Island Karate Club (Sensei Chris Barclay), with support of Puckett’s Noble House of Karate in North Saanich (Kyoshi Michael Puckett), the Rammed Earth Dojo on Saltspring Island (Sensei Pat Byron), Serenity Martial Arts in Victoria (Sensei Nancy Puckett) and supporting/affiliated clubs island wide.  Check out www.ssikarate.com for more information!


Heian “knee-down”

Well folks,

After completing my first class of the new year in January at a new dojo (in a class I was assisting with), we were performing kata with only a few minutes left in class.  I was going through Heian Yodan (the fourth of the Heian/Pinan series); and, with only a few moves left, I had twisted my body 180 degrees to complete a move and my bare foot that I was standing on had (unfortunately) stuck to the hardwood floor, rather than pivoting as it should have.  With this, my left patella dislocated from it’s groove and ended up completely on the side of my leg (talk about pain!).

Anyway, the last two months have been rehabilitation for me (even though I did attend class the following week, and every week thereafter!) with the nickname “Yoda”, aptly due to my use of a cane (in the later classes.. of course at first I was on crutches and in an immobilizer).  But I have now regained much of my “day to day strength” and am able to function with little tell of the injury.

It will be a couple months I’m sure before I’m at the “full recovery point” as far as being able to endure impact sports, to some capacity, but, I am on the right path!

Anyway, I just thought I would update as it’s been some time, but I have been busy strength training on my own as well as assisting with regular martial arts classes!

I have learned though that we are not invincible; I had never imagined my first real martial arts injury to be while doing a form called “peaceful mind”, a form that I had done hundreds of times, at least!

Injury can sneak up on us anytime – but don’t let it stop you.  It can easily be an excuse if you let it.

Train for life.  Live to train.


Yoshukai Spirit Training 2014

Organized and directed by Sensei Greg Turnbull, the 7th annual Yoshukai Spirit Training exercises will take place at Willows Beach in Oak Bay at 11:45am for a noon start, on New Years Day.

This event is open to martial arts students of any rank.  Training will be conducted on the beach and in the ocean (so please be prepared!); and be sure to show up in your full white gi and belt.  Please see Sensei Turnbull upon arrival if you are new.

Spectators are welcome to “live vicariously” through the rest of us!