Heian “knee-down”

Well folks,

After completing my first class of the new year in January at a new dojo (in a class I was assisting with), we were performing kata with only a few minutes left in class.  I was going through Heian Yodan (the fourth of the Heian/Pinan series); and, with only a few moves left, I had twisted my body 180 degrees to complete a move and my bare foot that I was standing on had (unfortunately) stuck to the hardwood floor, rather than pivoting as it should have.  With this, my left patella dislocated from it’s groove and ended up completely on the side of my leg (talk about pain!).

Anyway, the last two months have been rehabilitation for me (even though I did attend class the following week, and every week thereafter!) with the nickname “Yoda”, aptly due to my use of a cane (in the later classes.. of course at first I was on crutches and in an immobilizer).  But I have now regained much of my “day to day strength” and am able to function with little tell of the injury.

It will be a couple months I’m sure before I’m at the “full recovery point” as far as being able to endure impact sports, to some capacity, but, I am on the right path!

Anyway, I just thought I would update as it’s been some time, but I have been busy strength training on my own as well as assisting with regular martial arts classes!

I have learned though that we are not invincible; I had never imagined my first real martial arts injury to be while doing a form called “peaceful mind”, a form that I had done hundreds of times, at least!

Injury can sneak up on us anytime – but don’t let it stop you.  It can easily be an excuse if you let it.

Train for life.  Live to train.

~ Osu!

Yoshukai Spirit Training 2014

Organized and directed by Sensei Greg Turnbull, the 7th annual Yoshukai Spirit Training exercises will take place at Willows Beach in Oak Bay at 11:45am for a noon start, on New Years Day.

This event is open to martial arts students of any rank.  Training will be conducted on the beach and in the ocean (so please be prepared!); and be sure to show up in your full white gi and belt.  Please see Sensei Turnbull upon arrival if you are new.

Spectators are welcome to “live vicariously” through the rest of us!

~ Osu!

December Events

Black Belt Grading (+ all ranks) – 10am Saturday, December 14th at PNHK (David will be graded for shodan – osu!)

SMA Christmas/Hanukkah Party – 7pm Saturday, December 14th at Leah’s House

PNHK Christmas Skate - 7pm Monday, December 23rd at Panorama Recreation Center (in Central Saanich)

Balintawak Eskrima Workshop

I had the privilege of attending a practical workshop on the 5 pillars of control through Balintawak Eskrima today – put on by Dr. Dom Lopez and Sensei Mike Zimmer.

It’s always great to see and learn different variations of the Filipino stick fighting arts, particularly through practitioners who have been developing it and training with it there entire lives.  I’ve never before seen someone like Dr. Lopez, who is 75 years old, move with such agility and such precision, at that age (not to mention taking falls and throws like everyone else in the dojo).

“Whatever art you choose to practice, never stop” – was his advice at the end of the day.  I think it was pretty clear that his mobility and his youthfulness were the result of a life of dedicated training.

~ Osu!

Welcome to AthleticVictoria.com

Good day!

Thanks for checking into the site!  It’s been a while since we’ve had the site up and running due to some distractions from that “real life” that we all try and live.

Nonetheless, if you have any questions regarding available fitness OR martial arts training opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will get back to you right away.