Karate / Self Defense Instruction (1-on-1)

Welcome!  My name’s Adam.

I’ve been training in karate for a while now…  so I thought it might be fun to send someone else down the “rabbit hole”; and, here you are!  If you’re interested in checking out what a “karate lifestyle” has to offer, I’d be happy to show you the way.

PS – Don’t be discouraged by what may seem quite formal and/or daunting – training is, and should be fun and enjoyable! Let’s explore the possibilities.

Popular individual areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

  • Basic Self Defense – practical, realistic scenarios with quick, easy to remember escape and/or subdue applications
  • Joint Manipulations/Controls – manipulate your enemy’s joints into submission; and, utilize pressure points
  • Knife Defense – learn to defend against an opponent wielding a knife

“Formal training” will include the above, as well as the following elements:

  • Basics (Kihon) – stances, blocks, kicks and strikes – and, transitioning through these
  • Forms (Kata) and Bunkai – theoretical application of basics into possible self defense situations, in a pre-designed formation.
  • One-Step Sparring (Kihon-Kumite) – block, counter and control an incoming attack in 1 – 5 steps using your karate basics.
  • Point Sparring (Kumite) – learn how to use your karate basics to attack & defend in a free moving match against an aggressor.

Training can be provided at a location convenient to you.

Please email me to discuss hourly rates.  

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